This has nothing to do with Aging Care but have any of you had your Hotmail account taken over by MSN and changed to Outlook?

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Outlook seems to not be complete. Very difficult to send emails etc. They did not ask just changed some people to Outlook. Quite a few people are furious at MSN for this. I lost all my contacts, photos etc. It is like being pirated.
They are saying on some sites we can't have our Hotmail acct back. Anyone have any idea why MSN would pirate accounts of HotMail. Just curious. They should be sued this should be illegal.

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Outlook is Hotmail (now)...updated. We were changed over a couple of years ago without problem.
I detest the new Outlook. Made me sooo mad and I don't even know where I can complain. I want my old hotmail back!!
At work we have been switched to Outlook and I HATE it. There have been many complaints to our internal IT department and they are "looking into it".Lol. Nothing will change. Have to live with it I guess
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Microsoft has owned Hotmail since 1996. In the computer world Hotmail is ancient and Microsoft has apparently been planning to stop supporting it and replace it with a newer, more robust email package for a year or more. This is a common practice among software companies. New versions come out. Old versions go away. Sometimes the changes are barely perceptible to the average user, and sometimes they seem drastic.

I am very sorry that you seem to have lost your photos and contacts, sharirose. I doubt that they are really "gone" and it is probably just a matter of finding out how to reconnect to them. Since this cutover process was launched now and will continue into the summer there will no doubt be lots of Help sites springing up. I haven't used Hotmail and I can't help you, but if you have a techie-nerd friend who is in your same boat I'll bet he or she can help you.

Sorry for your frustration.
jeanne: As usual you are a wealth of information and I appreciate your view.
It just came as a shock to get up one morning try to use your hotmail and bingo I no longer have my hotmail. account. You would have thought they could have asked and prepared people. I just think it was sneaky. God Bless.
I heard about it on the Today Show, this morning.

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