Has anyone had great results with hospice for a parent with a progressive dementia?

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My mom is 91 years old. Up until 3 months ago she was doing great, able to live on her own. Had a fall and was found by me after being down over night. She had alot of protiens built up in her muscles from the fall and started having kidney function failure. She now lives with me in my home.
She isn't at all the same mom I knew and loved 3 months ago. She was diagnosed with a severe dementia decline and they are now sending out a social worker to start paperwork for Hospice. I am willing to try anything? I am exhausted, sleep deprived and stir crazy. What experiences have you all had with Hospice. What should I expect from them?

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My mom has alzheimer's and had a terrible case of bronchitis my friend told me to call hospice I did they saved my mom's life. For the first week they had nurses round the clock then when my mom got better the nurse came everyday. They brought in oxygen, something for her breathing. After two months in bed she was better and now 7 months later they still come to bathe her everyday. She goes to Day Care twice a week at Easter Seals. The nurse comes to check her vital signs. They give you everything you need for incontinence; if she needed cough syrup or anti-biotics it was given to her. Hospice brings a hospital bed and everything she needs. It has been great. couldn't have done it without them and it doesn't cost a dime. Comes out of Medicare. good Luck.
What constitutes receiving hospice services for an 89 year old mid stage Alzheimers patient receiving medicare? I've been the sole caregiver for my mother for two years. Although, watching my mom decline is like grieving, I thought you have to be dying to receive hospice help? What is the definition of dying for a Alzheimers patient and is hospice help something my mother could be eligible for?
Msdaizy, I've heard so much good about n only 2 things EVER that were not so good. Both about same particular agency-others chimed to report concerns and change to a diff hospice. Steff, hospice provides palliative care as well, to those who have life-limiting illnesses, not just cancer. In the district, u may have choice of several providers in md, va, n dc. Check for reviews n visit local n national hospice sites-wealth of info on them. Also contact area on aging agency for your locale. They can advise of programs in your area for respite services, volunteer visiting programs, funding for day programming, n other helpful resources. I hope you both find some help and relief, it's hard isn't it? Stick around the AC site-it has helped me so much. Best of luck, let us know how it's going. Kimbee
Hi, after my mom fell and hit her head and broke her arm; we had to put her in a nursing/rehab center. Mom had alz & parkinsons and had lost a lot of weight. So the weight of the cast really unbalanced her, that is why she had to go to rehab. They were fantastic, loving and treated her like she was their mom, They gave her hugs and held her hand. With as advanced as my mom was, the head hit just snowballed her illness. She stopped walking, soon after she stopped chewing and 3 weeks after entering hospice she passed away with all of her family near. The nurses kept coming in to see how she was ... not to see if she was dead yet. They wanted to make her comfortable and help us out anyway possible. We could not have done it at home with the grace & dignity they gave my mom. Also thre was a nurse that resembled my and mom thought it was me ; so mom thought I was there every day. I lived 200 miles away and worked so I was up on the weekends. My dad cared for my mom from diagnosis at 60yr until her heath at 73 yrs. Bless them both. I would use Hospice again if i had to. Best wishes & big hugs!
I have been told that hospice will help with ur Mom's every need, certain meds, equipment, hygiene needs, etc. My mom, with end stage vascular dementia, was recently eval'd for hospice and was turned down for now bc she says more than 6 words/day. They told me that was Medicare rule. I believe that if ur mom qualifies, you cannot go wrong. Besides, if the group that u sign up with doesn't work out, u can fire them and get another agency that is Medicare certified.
Best wishes! I know how u feel....
My mom is 86 y.o. and in a long term care facility. She had fell and broke her hip and was not able to do rehabilitation due to her dementia. Now, in long term care, her eating declined to about 25%, so her doctor there suggested hospice. This is in addition to the nursing staff at the nursing home. Hospice does help, but it is limited. A CNA nurse comes out 5 days a week in the a.m. to feed her, bed bathe her, and dress her. The nurse is there about an hour. Also, a RN checks on her weekly, as well as, a social worker and a chaplain visits her weekly. I call them if I have any problems, questions, or need anything for my mom. They provided a "gheri chair" for my mom at the nursing home because the home was placing her in a wheelchair to sit all day because she is risk at getting out of bed. The gheri chair is like a recliner, so at least now when they put her in the dayroom all day, her head isn't bobbling from no support.

A hospice social worker calls and checks in biweekly also.

If they come to your home, it was my understanding it will be about the same. So, they won't be there for long periods of time.
Your mom does not have to be dying to receive hospice care we use Season's hospice in miami. They have helped her for 8 months and still bathe her everyday. Call hospice in your area and they will give you info. Good Luck I am so happy with them if hadn't been for a firend telling me about them I would have been a basket case.
I think you are all lucky to have Hospice care like that. I had bad experiences with them and stopped them. My Mom is also 91 severe dementia, and lives in my home. They came 3 mornings and said Mom was too difficult a case without two LNA's and the girl hurt her back rolling her so, they can send someone for an hour in the late afternoons possibly. Well, I need help getting Mom out of bed, not in the afternoon when she is all bathed, fed, and napping until supper.The diapers and chux pads were thin/ cheap, and didnt stop the urine, not worth using unless you put them over good quality ones that you buy. The only good thing I got was an extra hoyer sling but they picked it up the very next day that I canceled them.You dont need them for medical equipment. I got a hoyer lift, free sling and hospital bed prescriptions from Moms doctor and called a medicare authorized pharmacy and they delivered what I needed free. As for mornings, I hired my part time CNA for every morning now and I do the rest . Mom doesnt walk or talk, she is heavy and strong but her brain doesnt tell her how to walk or roll any more, and she resists. I cant get her up alone and thats all I wanted from Hospice, they didnt pull through for me. I could tell you more about them and others who werent happy either. They call and the nurse drops by weekly, the social worker and chaplin call, etc, and to be honest, I am too busy to be talking on the phone and having drop-by's. When Mom has her music/nap time I have 1-2 hours to get my housework done and really dont need or want company. Please know that when You sign on for Hospice you can no longer call the ambulance if you need one. You have to call Hospice for everything, including illnesses, dont go to the doctor OR you will pay out of pocket. I am so happy there are good agencies out there but for me, they didnt help at all. Best of Luck to you, a fall is devastating but they can recover, my Mom has 4 pins in her hip and she recovered years ago, it took PT at home, and lots of good food, music and love.
I have had great luck with hospice, but I think just like everything....check them out.
Try to find reviews of the one you are thinking of online. Interview them and ask to
speak to current or past clients of their's. There are good agencies and bad. Ask your doctor to recommend one. If you get on hospice, they have what is called Respite care. They take your loved one to an approved care facility for 5 days so that you can take a trip, or just get some rest and alone time. You can ask for this once a month if you need it. Or at least this is the way it works in Texas. I hope you get the help you need. It is so overwhelming to be in your position.
PS I was also told about the 5 day respite but its only in a NH and a change of environment is devastating for dementia patients, or anyone really. And what if they fell there or got an infection? Doesnt seem worth it to me. Now, give me home care and I would love it! lol Too bad we all didnt live near eachother so we could rotate helping eachother!!

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