I'm caring for my wife with depression, my son who has TBI and myself. What assistance is there for house chores, cooking, cleaning and mental support?

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I am caring for my wife who is 66 and deeply depresses, my son 27 who has TBI and myself 58 yrs old with mutiple disabilities, is thier help out there in house chores, cooking, cleaning, and mental support.

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Oh, I certainly hope so! Do any of you have a case worker now? Is so, that would be the person to contact first, for direction and guidance.

If not, a disability help line might be a good place to start. Here is one possible source: http://kc.vanderbilt.edu/tennesseepathfinder/page.aspx?id=2119 I don't live in Tennessee and I haven't used this, but it looks like it would be worth tryin.

Often there are so many different programs with so many different qualifying criteria that it is difficult to navigate on your own. You need guidance from someone well trained and experienced in what is available.

Do you think your family would qualify for Medicaid?

I hope someone from your state can give you first-hand recommendations. Meanwhile, check out the HELPline (1-800-640-4636) of the site I referenced above.

Good luck to you all!.
Thanky you for ther response. I just was released from the hospital yesterday, your body tellls you when it had enough. I will check out the contacts

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