sjohanse Asked December 2011

My parents just moved nearby from another state and I want to help my dad whose sugar is often high. What should I do to help him?


Yesterday it was 247, then 260, then 275...he was very tired and of course, no energy. He says it was because he didn't sleep well the night before because his sugar was high. Should I be alarmed? What should I do to help him?

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EXPERT Carol Bradley Bursack Dec 2011
Jeanne gave a wonderful answer. I'd add that you may want to go to the Diabetes Association site and look for information and even some contact people. A doctor appointment sounds like a good idea, since he will need one in this locality anyway. Don't wait for an emergency.
Thanks for being so caring,
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jeannegibbs Dec 2011
When were these numbers taken? Before a meal? Right after a meal? Two hours after a meal? Those numbers are certainly high, but how alarming they are depends on when in the eating cycle they were taken.

How is your father managing his diabetes? Drugs, insulin, exercise, diet -- some combination?

I think the first step would be to make sure he has a local endocrinologist now that he has moved. Perhaps your own doctor could reccoment one.

Exercise is important for diabetics. Does he have any impairments? Going for walks with him would be helpful ... if there aren't three feet of snow and ice in the path! Walking in indoor malls is an option. I know that feeling tired with no energy doesn't make anyone eager for walking, but that can be a vicous circle. Even short walks are helpful to begin with.

Diet is important, of course. Basically a good diet for diabetics is a good diet for everyone else -- but it is more immediately critical for diabetics. If Dad has kind of gotten of track on that, you could help him arrange sessions with a Certified Diabetes Educator. Many clinics have educational sessions for the patient and spouse -- you could attend, too, especially if you have some responsibility for his health.

A new local doctor can consider adjustments to any meds he is on.

Do your parents live independently?

It is very kind of you to want to help. You may have to tread a fine line between being helpful and being interfering. Will Dad accept your help graciously?
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First of all, you must change your father's diet. And you got to stick to it for at lease 6 months so he can get use to the new way of living and his blood sugar can become normal!!! for real/ It's called ""DANIEL" Go to the market , load up on fruits and green vegatables put them all over the house, nuts too.("WAY OF LIVING"). When buying juice, 100%, make several sizes from that purchase.(DILUTE). On Sunday and Thursday change your menue,,Always have veg's.Cooked. go to walmart and get frozen lima beans,.96 cents corn& peas, and kidney beans in the can. add kidney bean just before veg's are done ( season, s&p garlet power, chicken flavor from noodle pack ,3/4 cup of olive oil.(16cents a pack),this meal can go over grits for breakfast with a tip of olive oil butter, next meal ,frozen okra r fresh , tomatos, can& fresh, beans and peas, same seasoning, but put okra in when almost finished. no cookies no cakes. lots of water this recipe came from :GOD and it will the beginning of a new life all sickness will fade if we all ate like this,it's bible. it works more details also "GOD created us and he provided the right food for us to eat ;but we let man chose our food and it became a money issue over our health.. "Remmber,to strain and wash your veg's after cooking for 10 minutes, clean the pot and start all over again.."GOOD MEALS" more ...
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Jaye Dec 2011
Often our elders feel like they can do and eat whatever they want. I think they often feel they have earned the right! I would encourage you to get him to a good diabetes educator, maybe at your local hospital. Complications of uncontrolled blood sugar are serious and often life changing. take care, J
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