Any suggestions for helping an elder get in and out of the bathtub safely?

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I'm caring for an elderly lady; she is happy to have her bath but I'm so afraid of the safety of getting her in and out of the tub. I practically have to get in the tub and lift her by the armpits to get her in a standing position. I would appreciate any suggestions. - Mary in MN.

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You are a concerned caregiver and that is great!, I had a similar deal, I put in a step in shower that is six foot long , then I put in a large bathub seat , grab bars so that my friend could (with my safer assistants) pull himself up holding onto the grab bars, also install a six or eight foot flexible shower head this will give you and your friend a easier and safer way to wash and rinse, and put a good none slipping mat so her feet wont slide when she is getting up. P.S. you may have to approach her family and friends for help on financing of this. it works for me ! GOOD LUCK!!... HLPME2

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