Mom rehab in nursing home and in and out of hospital, what can I do to get help for payment?


I applied for nuring home medicaid, but she may need long term and she does not want to give up her ssi check and pension. She can't walk with out help and take care of herself. I work and there is no one else to help!!!!!!

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It sounds like the only choice is to have her on Medicaid in the nursing home. They will leave her with some spending money, but the rest will go to her care. That's just how the system works. Otherwise, you could hire in-home care with what money she has, but it will likely soon run out and she'll have to go to a nursing home, anyway. One adjustment may be enough. She may find she enjoys the company once she's used to her new home. I hope so.
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I understand not wanting to spend all of her income on NH. I'm afraid that is the reality for many seniors now and for many more to come. When we need the kind of care a nursing home provides, someone has to pay for it. The SS and pension checks will only cover part of the costs; tax dollars pay for the rest.

I hope that your mother gets great care and settles in to accept and enjoy the services.
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