How do I help my mom who has no health insurance get the medicine she needs for diabetes?

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How old is she?
63 with bad kidneys and loss of vision diebetes etc ,etc
Your state's Department of Aging may also have an affordable medications program that can help alleviate some of the costs. If your mother or father are a veteran, she may be able to receive some assistance from the VA - even if your father is deceased.
In Athens Georgia, we have a Mercy health center and another that helps aid people with no insurance. They get local doctors to help get Rx from area reps donated for people who go thru their system. It took me 9 months to get help with my ulcer cilice but I am doing good now. Also 211 in most areas have resources also.
Here are a few ways to get help with prescription costs:

1. Medicare Part D (if your mother is eligible)

2. Additional drug benefit programs include

3. Some drug companies offer free or reduced-price medications, check with the Partnership for Prescription Assistance

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