How can I help my sister when she has one year to live?


she has 1 year to live and needs help. i can go over for 1 week (next week)
her husband works long hours 6 days a week. otherwise she is left alone.
please tell me what to do

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There are MANY - MANY things (big and small) that you can do for your sister. We need more info to give specifics, but here is a starter list.

What does your sister like to do/what is she presently capable of? Many libraries will deliver books for the home bound. You can research this and other services for your sister/brother-in-law. Visits, phone calls, notes in the mail will tell your sister you are thinking of her. Get her started on grocery shopping delivery services to help her harried husband. Does she have children? Get them started on helpful activities. If you are nearby, help with laundry and cleaning that she may not be able to do and her husband won't have the time to do. Can you take her to doctor appointments? These are some ideas that come to mind, the forum will have lot's of others that may be more relevant if we understand more about geography and abilities. We're thinking of you.
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look for a hospice volunteer but also try to visit her to keep her company. her husband working means he is trying to keep everything paid up...need to see if she can get on medicaid and check into hospice home care.
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