My grandmother went to the ER and has been in the hospital for three days without a diagnosis. hat do I do to help her?

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I have been with her for six hours each day and have spoken to the nurses that come to take vitals, give her her usual meds. None know what is happening to her other than the symptoms she came in with - dizziness, vomiting. I left my phone numbers taped to her bedside table and have asked for a doctor to call me. No one has communicated with me in three days! She has virtually stopped eating (I did get her to drink some Glucerna today). She is not on an IV, her urine output is not being measured, her blood sugar is high (why if she's not eating?), her blood pressure is high (why?), she has AFib but is on no monitoring equipment. She is weak and too dizzy to sit up or stand.

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Go to the hospital administrator and demand some information. Hopefully, you have a dpoa or some medical document that gives you authority to have access to her medical condition. You can call her personal doctor and ask him to contact the hospital for a full update. To go three days with no contact from a hospital doctor is unacceptable. Go to admin and raise hell.
The doctors do rounds early in the morning, likely. Go then and meet them. They will usually be forthcoming, if you grandmother allows it. Are you the only family member involved?
If the above does't work today! can you get her to another Hospital?
I agree with sumlerc...find out or move her....the high sugar, lack of urine and HBP will kill her quickly. Those issues with not eating or getting fluids is a real danger...I would want to know why and if you are on the HIPPA file then you have the right to know...if not find out how to get there quickly...All I had to do was have MIL and Dad say I was to know with each dr and at each hospitalization.
I do have her POA for health (should she not be able to make decisions), etc. Her primary care physician is her daughter who resides in another state. My grandmother has been flying there two to three times a year for 4-6 weeks at a time as she prefers seeing specialists she's familiar with and has been a patient of for many years. So her PCP/daughter called medical records yesterday and was told that no records are allowed to be shared while the patient is in the hospital. What? Is this a thing? The nurses have said 'vertigo', last night her nurse told me there was a GI flu going around. Well, which is it? What is the treatment? Nothing different is happening by them other than they gave her a stool softener last night. No ***t, she's laying in bed all day sleeping and hasn't been eating anyway.
The hospitalist admin asst called this morning and said she would leave a message for me to get a call, but said 'I have no idea when that would be'.
What does her Primary Care Physician Daughter say about all of this? She should be livid, making moves and people HOP! Theres alot not right here. If I'm not mistaken, you being her medical POA should be in full force on her health care. She can't make decisions for herself, I get it that she "likes" to go where she's familiar...okay... but if its not working for her and you can see that...its past time to MOVE! If I'm missing something (in my low voice...why havent you made the decisions that she left in your care?)
Time is not a friend right now, do whats needed for your Grandma.
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Absolutely take the advice of all of the above; you have every right to speak to a doctor ASAP - every patient has a doctor assigned to them; none of this runaround. Tell them you want the doctor's telephone number to call; no time to wait around anymore. In addition talk to one of the social workers; they are usually involved with the care as well - you have POA and the legal right to speak to a doctor ASAP. There is an attending phsyician on at all times or go back to the emergency room doctor who originally saw her - they are legally bound to give info to you .... They should not make you wait any longer...I had similar thing happen to me when my father was in rehab with many problems - demanded answers and finally received them from the nurse practioner. It really gets my Irish up when people have to search for answers so desperately needed. The doctor, any doctor should be calling you every morning with an update. Good luck - I don't mean to sound pushy - but it is situations like these that bring out the assertiveness we need to help a loved one. And it should not be that way.
Her health issues were being managed well so her doctors in another state were not an issue. One time she had a bladder infection here with me and I took her to urgent care and it was resolved.

Her daughter was able to get ahold of the doctor by phone. She told him she was flying in tonight and would be at the hospital tomorrow morning. Suddenly an MRI was ordered and an echo. MRI results show she had a stroke.

I have told every hospital personnel that I came into contact with her history AFib, that this was sudden onset, that she felt dizzy one moment and then fell to the floor. I've asked "are you certain she didn't have a stroke"? They have been telling me for four days that they think she has vertigo.

I can only believe it was that a family member who happens to be her doctor is why any other tests were ordered. There was no intention otherwise than to send her to rehab.
I'm glad your Grandmother is finally getting the medical help she needs. Best wishes in her recovery.

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