Where can I find help for my elderly father who is on Medicare A and just recently had a stroke and needs rehab and prescriptions?


First off, thank you guys in advance for the information.

Ive got an elderly father who is currently living in Maryland. He just turned 70, non veteran. He had a stroke two weeks ago Thursday and was hospitalized. Currently he is covered by Medicare A only. He is receiving ~$1k monthly via Social Security as he just applied for it a month or so ago. I am not sure; however at the same time I guess he got his Medicare A benefits and denied the B/D (Not sure if he was even aware he was denying the other benefits or did so intentionally).

He was hospitalied for a week in Maryland then recommended and transferred to the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, DC for intensive therapy. Currently they do not have any assistance or anything w/ the Medicare A so his daily copay is $300-$350 (If he had opted for Medicare B, it would be ~$30-$35 daily). Right now with his financial situation, he will be able to stay in the rehab facility for a maximum of about 3 weeks before being completely destitute. I am afraid that 3 weeks might not be long enough even with intensive therapy and desperately looking for assistance in being able to keep him there longer; or any other information available to help him. I know that there is an alternative at a nursing home type facility with less intensive therapy; which is covered under Medicare A for 20 days. That is one consideration but not optimal. Any information is greatly appreciated.

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I would add to Jeannegibbs' excellent advice that you could contact www.ltcombudsman.org for some leadership.
He could go to a nursing home from the hospital, which may be the only choice, and meanwhile you would work to get him on Medicaid. He likely turned down Medicare B, since there is a premium. With his financial situation, he should qualify for Medicaid. Hopefully, you've contacted the medical social worker at the hospital by now.
Please check in when you can and let us know how you are doing.
Take care,
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Im sorry, I also forgot to include that while in the hospital he was also diagnosed with Diabetes. After two weeks they have finally been able to get his blood pressure under control as well as his blood sugars; however, he is going to be on insulin injections for an extended period of time. This is also another consideration I am struggling to find information some assistance on. Thanks again guys.
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I think that few of us are going to make it through our old age with our assets intact and completely paying our own way (except in the sense of paying taxes for a long working life.)

It sounds like Dad is going to need Medicaid. The sooner you apply, the better. Since he is in a hospital now you should have good access to people quite knowledgable about the application process. You also have access to a medical social worker. Start there. You don't mention where you live or if you available to do these things in person. In person would be best, of course, but phone conversations are better than no conversations. You have suddenly been thrust into the role of Dad's advocate. Take advantage of any help that is out there to guide you through the masses of paperwork that lie ahead.
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