What can I do to help out my fiances mom who is about to loose her home?

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My fiance's mother is living in a home of her own that she has not been able to pay the taxes on and now is being giving a time limit to pay or she will have to vacate. Unfortunenatly she has no place to go. Im a single mom with 2 kids and i let my fiance move in with me and he is having trouble finding work. Right now I am the only income my home has and its alot of stress for me as it is. I wrk more over time than i care to countand still struggle, but have manage to keep us above water. Now that this situation has come up, my fiances mom may not have a place to go. Im struggling with the idea of letting her live with us but that is just more stress on me. I want to help her but not sure how I can. I am hoping that coming here someone will point me in the right direction. I dont want to see her out on the street, but adding another person to my already troubled life is going to make me into something i have tried very hard not to be. Is there anything i can do? Please im desperate and need advice

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I can see why your feel desperate. You've got a lot to handle.
Your finance's mom would likely qualify for Medicaid. Also, she may qualify for subsidized senior housing. I'd check your city resources immediately and see what subsidized housing is available for low income people. If she could get housing soon, maybe she can sell her house. Good luck. You've got enough on your plate already, as many others do. This is not an uncommon situation. I hope your local community has some help for her.
You did not provide details but I had a similar situation and found that it was cheaper to help pay the taxes owed on the home than the alternatives would have cost. You can arrange for her to go into senior housing, she can live with you, or she can remain in her home. I hope that things work out best for your Mom and yourself. Best wishes.
I don't know what State you are in but call the tax assessor's ofice and see if they do not offer tax deferral for Seniors in your area. We have it here in Oregon. They lien the house for the taxes and they are paid to the State when the house sells when Mom is no longer alive. Also call Senior Services for your area and ask them for a referral. does she have substantial equity in her home??

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