How do I change my heavy father's adult diapers?

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My father in law is 81 and is in a nursing home, he has advanced Parkinson's and wears diapers only - I would like to bring him to our house to visit occasionally but worry about how to change the diapers. He can't help and he is heavy - 185 lbs or so.

Any advice on how to change him? I can perhaps get him on the toilet. I also worry that while he can't talk he is embarassed by this and would not want me or my husband handling it.


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You didn't say if he can walk. If he is completely bed-ridden (as my husband is) can he raise himself up so you can put a bed pan under him? And so you can slide a diaper under him? Do you have a hospital bed at home? I do and it has a trapeeze which my husband raises himself up with (sometimes). Sometimes I have to roll him by pushing. I am physically strong and have learned how to push him without hurting myself. I use the little paper mats under him to protect the bed - you can get them in Wal-Mart or most drug stores.

Make your mind a blank -- don't think, just do the job and you then have a "professional" attitude and it doesn't tend to be embarassing to either party. Also by not thinking but by watching what you are doing without judging, you can see what's going on and are less likely to have a mess. (I should talk, I pulled the bed pan out and got poop on my arm, oye)

I like the diapers which slide on like pants. I get the super absorbent ones. I get them because I can figure out how to put them on him. I make him do pelvic thrusts to help get them on. Quite a process. Lots of work. But that's life.

Good luck. Hope this helps.
Great advice! Just don't think about it. I have recently taken on the care of my mother. She is quite independant, but recently became very ill. After three weeks she is finally home; however was unable to clean herself after a BM. I never thought I could do it, but when it came time I just didn't think about it and just did it. Wish I had found this site before now! She is doing better, I haven't had the duty today. : )
hang in there it is tough, i am a female and i had to do it for grandfather we both hated it make it fast as possible and i did'nt make eye contact while cleaning and changing it was ackward enough already.
I had the smae issue with my mother. It is a diffucult circumstance when your parents has bed wetting isssues. I bought my mother some depends but they did no work well. Fianally i foud these diapers from called Protection Plus. They are great

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