chrystalhall84 Asked January 2010

How do I handle the stress of caring for my elderly father and my children?


Im 26 and me and my fiance have been taking care of my father for the past year and now he refuses to help us out. I can't handle the stress and want to put him in a home . he has medicare and may not want to go but me and my fiance cant take the stress and having to raise my daughter and his son as well as a 64 year old infant.Please help what can i do?

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EXPERT Carol Bradley Bursack Jan 2010
Medicare won't pay for a nursing home except for a few weeks after someone leaves the hospital.

It seems to me that you should contact social services adult care and tell them that he needs help. When you say "help you out" if you mean financially, then have documentation handy about how much money he's paid so you can say what it was for - his care. But he is likely to need Medicaid soon (after his money is used up either for in-home care, assisted living or a nursing home), and then you may need this documentation.

You may want to try getting in-home help for him, which he will have to pay for. That could work for awhile before you need to look at a nursing home.

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