What do I do with my Mom's dog after she has been placed in a nursing home?

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My mother has a small dog that is her baby. Taking care of this dog is more important to her than taking care of herself. Now that she is in the nursing home and not adjusting well, the staff said to wait until she is more resigned to being there before bringing the dog for a visit. I can not take the dog into my home and now I feel like I've traded caring for my mom 24/7 to caring for a dog that I have to leave at her house. All of this has happened in this last week I am going to have to get help to clean up the house it's and taske care of other issues like finances, etc. I feel that mom seening her dog might be good therapy down the road, but what suggestion does anyone have in the short term? Thank-you to one and all for the continued love and support.

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As an avid dog lover, I wish I lived in the same city as you because I would take in the pup!
Is there anyone in your family, or among her friends, or yours that could house the pup until you get things under control? A neighbor, perhaps? Or would an older child in your mother's neighborhood like to earn a few dollars by caring for the dog temporarily? Could you contact your local ASPCA, let them know the situation, and ask for temporary volunteer foster parents? It really isn't good for the pup to be alone too long during the day...dogs get stressed too - and I am sure he misses your Mom.
If I were in your Mom's shoes I would feel the same way. Our little guy means so much to us. And if seeing the dog will help with her mental state, that is just the silver lining.
good luck and I will keep brainstorming...
Lilliput, thanks for the suggestions. I am going to check on a foster home that sounds like a good idea. I know the little guy misses mom and I try to spent time with him. I am also going to check with our vet he's a great guy maybe he can help too.

The pooch is family, and Mom will be heartbroken -- and furious with you -- if anything happened to this special love in her life. His life is in your hands now, so please make sure he's well taken care of. Do it for Mom, me, and every other dog lover in this forum.

You're a blessing Nini.

-- ED

I never saw my Mother happier and more content than when in the company of pets. My Mom stayed with my friend everyother Saturday during my work hours. She had a puggle,a lap dog for sure, "Jacob". Well he was the best medicine ever. From the minute they saw eachother, they both were so happy, she needed him and visa versa. She never wanted to go home with me after him. She never wanted to wander either. My dog a few years back saved her from a house Fire which is what set off her early dementia. Dogs are natural care givers and healers, NO ?, wanting nothing in return. More dedicated than any human I know, including myself. All dogs came from a single wolf that a man befriended and they have evolved at a faster rate than any other living creature each with unique strong abilities and purpose for the life cycle and nature. Wolfves were removed from Yellow Stone National Park and without them the whole ecosystem was dying off, trees, plants, bugs, animals, birds...the park returned them and now it's thrieving. They are ontop of the food chain for a reason - life doesen't exist without them. They have the title "Mans Best Friend" for a reason! I would take the dog to see Mom and take it from there. People don't always know what is best for life but nature does. You know what's best for your Mom and I bet the Dog knows even better. The hard part will probably be taking the dog away from her.
The nursing homes here have "pet therapy" days. I am wondering if they will allow you to take the pup to see your Mom. If not, at least she'll get to see him on outings. Dogs are amazing...they are my favorite of God's creatures...with humans coming in a distant secong (just kidding...or not! :o) I really hope you work things out and find a temporary home until the dust settles a little bit. You have a lot on your plate right now...it isn't an easy time, I know.

Your comment went so quickly to my heart I had goose pimples. Of all of my "weaknesses," the love of animals is top. I grew up in a farm in western Brazil north of the city of Manaus. All creatures seemed to want to check me out, and I believe they sensed I didn't mean them any harm. (They ran from my grandmother because she often went out hunting to put something different on the table.)

Here in The Bronx, I had three gentle, well-trained pitbulls. Peach, the female, was my guardian. She slept at the entrance to my bedroom and gave laser looks to my dates as if to tell them "Honey, get your own man. ... This one's taken." She got sick in 2002 and had to be euthanized. Peter, aka "Midnight," followed in 2003 after a sudden kidney infection. White Boy lived to the age of 14 and was also put down in 2008 due to respiratory problems.

The cat, Pussygata, is got the house all to herself now and looks so lonely. No dogs threatening her life; mice don't pop up anymore because there's no bits of dog food left, so she doesn't hunt. Roaches followed suit and moved next door with the Ofikurus, a huge Nigerian family that subsist primarily on fried or boiled fish and those decadent root vegetables that now I can't stop eating.

I wake up with the Spring sun shining on my face and the chirp of many birds. I miss the dogs and all that healing, unconditional love. ... Mother Nature, however, is slowly replacing it with other wonders: pigeons, swallows, a stray garden snake. So I say a healing "Thank You" out the window every morning, and pass on the love these animals have given to me free of charge to every breathing object of art; and like Jacob, expect nothing in return.

WUV, thanks for your healing words. Bless you.

-- ED
Thanks everyone, mom's little peke is pretty special and I wish I could bring him to my house but right now I can't. The nursing home said I could bring him to visit and that the other residence would enjoy him too. Mom had a quite day today not as hostile, but she thinks that now she can come home it's only been a week so she is not adjusted yet, I realize that this will take time (kind of like taking 1 step forward 2 steps backward, everyday) Oh Well! I am checking on a foster home with someone in our community so "Bucky" has companionship and care until he can start visiting mom. We have always had dogs and other pets and they are one of Gods answers to comfort and healing. God Bless & Good Night All.
I have my Dad's dog... he died in July! She is a little yorkie... I absolutely dread something happening to her!!!
I'd also like to encourage you to do what you can to get your mom and her dog together. Before I brought my mom to live with me, I belonged to a therapy dog group and went to nursing homes and hospitals every week. It's amazing how seeing a dog can brighten someone's day. Also, please consider that the dog is also going through a grieving process, being away from the love of his life. Finding the proper home for it is important also. If you really feel that you can't take care of the dog, try contacting a therapy dog group in your area. Perhaps someone there would be willing to take the dog in and take it to see your mom. I know that when my turn comes, I will hope that someone will bring my dog to see me!
I agree with you Lilliput... we have a little westie too... and My husband teases me that I can be semi-concious and be looking for my dog!

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