Does anyone have experience with hip spasms in their elderly loved one?

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My mother suffers from spasms that occur unexpectedly. These spasms are very painful for her and she must lay down for 20 to 60 minutes. She is 92 now, 87 lbs and almost crys when the spasms last longer than 20 minutes. The doctor give us some pain pills which I give 1/2 tab to her and they do help. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their family member and if so, is there something else I can do for my mom so she doesn't have this pain and will the condition ever get better since she is 92 going on 93 in 2 months. Thank you .

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wonder if chiropractor would help. get one exp in seniors cause of brittle bones. Could be pinched nerve.
Try one of those back pad vibrating units, only about $20. If back is freed up, then will radiate down. I have had enough body work to know what pain in one place is usually caused somewhere else up the muscles or pinched nerve. rubbing sacrum area, heat pad could help loosen muscles. I get those reusable ones called snapwarmer..
there are homeopathic leg cramp pills. a magnesium cream that helps with mom's leg cramps (Magnesium Gel fro bioNutrients)...the mag is absorbed through skin and won't cause loose stools. I usually find that when one thing starts to loosen the cramp, then other things help as well. I get out all my tools and throw all I have at the problem...this also helps overall...coconut WATER. It is loaded with electrolytes...more than gatorade. I use it to water down yogurt smoothies. It's sort of pricey, but if it helps prevent the cramps...I use it.

I try to look for things that do not involve swallowing pills. You may look up acupressure charts on the net...there will be pressure points to hold or gently massage that relate to the hip area...but the points are on sole of feet, hands...even the ears. But to me this sounds like impinged nerve of some sort. Mom had calcification around nerve at spine that had to be operated on. Before that she was in constant pain.
Thank you Alzcaregiver! Very helpful.
I suggest start with an MRI to see what is there. My mother, age 97, diagnosed with severe arthritis in spine and has sciatica spreading to hip and down leg. It all came on in a matter of months. After trying everything natural and acupuncture we broke down and started her on Celebrex once a day and it has worked wonders! Good luck.
Thank you very much, kdaniels47. Last night mother had another attack and it lasted for 1 hour. I have emailed her Dr. and requested an x-ray but now I'll request the MRI specifically. I'm so glad I have subscribed to Agingcare!

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