What can I do about my father stealing my brother's and my belongings?

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What can I do about my father stealing from me and my brother. He goes into our drawers steals our belongings. My brother says I shouldn't confront him. but I think he needs to know not to do this.

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I'm assuming your father has dementia. He doesn't know he is "stealing." You can "confront" him, but he'll be confused and won't remember. He thinks what he's taking is his. You need to put anything valuable in places he can't get to. If he's to live with you, he'll likely continue this behavior while he is in this stage of dementia.

Obviously, if dementia is not present, some other mental health issue is charge, and needs medical help for that.
Agree, I have a friend whose MIL was stealing matches from her brother's house. One day, as my friend was cleaning her MIL's bedroom, she found 100's of matchbooks. Obviously, she was concerned that the house would burn down someday when they were not there to watch her. She was diagnosed with dementia and unaware of what she was doing.

Do you have a safe? or even a safety deposit box for those things you need to keep private and safe? By all means, call your DR and speak with your dad's physician about this behavior. Good luck
Thank you , Carol and Linda. This is very helpful, he was diagnosed for dementia . Doesn't have dementia. But this was a couple of years ago. I know what steps to take now. Thanks to the both of you. Hugs and God Bless us all.
Finally, the site is working. Sorry, but I have not been able to post for over 23 hours. Thanks to Aging Care for making all this right again.
So, I have been thinking about Rori and wanted to say that you need to get POA , quickly. I have real estate, health and banking POA. Each one is separate, but my lawyer said that they are better than one general POA. Shop around for a lawyer who specializes in elder care. We were charged 3,000.00 to set up a trust. My friend was charged 800.00 by her lawyer, and she did a much better job! Good luck
"This is very helpful, he was diagnosed for dementia . Doesn't have dementia."
How was he diagnosed and why do you believe he doesn't have dementia?
For a diagnosis, one needs a neuro-psych, unless the patient is too far gone and can't answer any question with meaning. There should be blood tests and some type of brain scan (PET seems most diagnostic) to eliminate other causes and pin point diagnosis more precisely.
His behavior sounds like one of the common traits in a mid-Alzheimer's stage.

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