How do you handle the bodily function of a terminally ill patient?

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My father is home under hospice care. He releases his bowels in the morning. I have him padded. Due to a catheter I cannot completely cover him with a disposable brief, but it is under him. I am for the most part by myself, and my father is too weak to help me clean him.

Is it wrong to have him wait until hospice comes to help clean him? How have people handled this situation? Is there something I can request specifically from hospice? Though weak and in pain my father is very conscious and alert. I want to maintain his comfort and dignity. He still gives a smile...and everyone that helps loves him.

Please I need guidance here.

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I feel close to the same boat. My dad has quit wiping himself after a bowel movement and needs us to wash him. I also want him to be able to keep his dignity. I feel a stranger allows that, but my sister feels a family member makes him less embarassed, I feel just the opposite.
So, she takes care of that stuff, and I don't.

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