Aleeta Asked January 2012

Can a physically handicapped adult be forcibly removed from home?


The person is no longer to walk, feed, clean or otherwise care for themselves and must depend on help from paid caregivers (only a few hours during weekdays), frequently calls the non-emergency fire dept service to get them off the floor, and deals with frequent UTIs because of wet and soiled diapers worn all day long. They are adamant about staying in the home, but there are
no friends or family (who are healthy) available to assist them. They rely on Medicaid, primarily, since becoming significantly handicapped (when they were 50, about 5 years ago).

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Sherry777 Jan 2012
My Daddy is 85 years old and my sister is his caregiver 6 days a week from about 8:00 am until 2,3 or 4 pm depending on the situation but mostly until 2:00 pm each day. He stays by himself after she's gone and he's barely mobilized and has an electric wheelchair which he runs into things at times.She came in the other day and he had bowel feces all in the bathroom , on the bed, in his recliner, and he was sitting in his chair with his hair sticking straight up uncombed with no pants or underwear on. He said he was just waiting for her to get there to handle the situation.She said there was a biscuit in the kitchen floor with one bite out of it. A banana peel was in the potatoe bin with the potatoes. His table next to his chair was almost cleared off. All that was on it was scattered on the living room floor. I told her with all the drugs he's taking , and I mean abundantly esoecially pain pills, he's probably mixing the pills and its making him act crazy when no-one is there. Maybe he had a mini stroke, who knows. I think its time to put him into a facility and NOT feel guilty about it even there are facilities that have all kinds of bad people that don't give a care but hey some that work in them do care !!!!. I think his chances are better in one than in his home alone at night. On the Saturday my sister takes off, me and my other sister rotate Saturdays and go over and fix him breakfast and lunch. I live an hour away and she lives about 10 minutes away. Who does she call to get the ball rolling before our Daddy really hurts himself or shoots someone with his gun???
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tnlady3 Jan 2012
I'm not sure but I think you would need to get her doctor or a social worker to say that they can no longer live alone. Then they would have to apply for disability or SSI so they could go to a nursing home that would accept their benefits...Since they are only 55 and not eligible for Social Security yet. It sometimes takes up to 2 years to get benefits started. Bless your heart for caring! But unless their finances would allow 24/7 caregivers, it seems inevitable. Good luck! You hate to make people leave their homes when they REALLY don't want to. Maybe disibility status would allow them to stay home with a helper. I would start with a social worker. My city has an agency through human resources for the elderly. Possibly there is one for the disabled.
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