Can a guardian charge an adult parent rent for living in their home?

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The first question should be: Can they afford it? If so, check in your area for a comparable one bedroom apartment. Add in a little for utilities, cable, food, etc. Of course your parent should purchase their own personal items that only they use. IMHO I would not charge my Mom for the care I give her.
Again, this depends on the inome level of your parent.
Also note that if you charge higher rates for rent than otherwise in your area, it might look like a transfer outside qualifying ones if your parents are getting medicaid or other state/federal aid. The agencies get really snicky about it. Also, if you charge rent, you are receiving income and will need to document the expenses associated with it and possibly pay tax on it. A bit sticky. In texas, they typically don't let you charge more than the percentage on utilities etc. than the person (3 people - you can't charge more than 1/3 to the person receiving care). If you charge for your caregiving service, that can also be considered income and you/your parent be subject to withholding taxes. Just be careful of the aspects.

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