My grandmother has diabetes, congestive heart failure, and dementia. AND she lives alone but she won't move. How can I help her?

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You can ask her DR. what services she qualifies for. Visiting nurse is great. She might be able to get a home health helper to cook and help her with her own daily cleanliness routine. Also , contact your local hospital and see what services they have to offer. Good luck
Why do you want to "move" her? Just attend to her every day, check on her, take her to the doctor, let the nurse come in and take her BP. her temp and make sure she doesn't have access to a gas stove or any other appliance that may harm her. Leave her where she's at.
If you leave close by you can check on her, but you may have to get some one to sit with her. There are programs out there that will help. The Alzheimers assocation has a 24/7 hot line. They also can help you, from safe return to someone who can help you out. Beleive me she can not be left alone. The church may have someone also. Social services from the state. But remember you have to be careful with whom you choose, mom won't know what is going on. so you have to get someone you trust. It does not get eaiser with the Dementia. Hang in there you are not alone.patrica61
Dear Seniorcarenow, may I ask of you who pays for ALF, what if your mom or dad can not be left in the home, the illness has taken over, if you work you are still the caregiver no mater what happens. I know for a fact I have gone through runing to the hospital from Florida to New York and droping what I am doing to go to the hospital if someting happens to mom.and there was when I was still working, mom got hurt several times , yes my job work with me with employee assistance and FMLA act. however it does do a toll on the caregiver, and also it is not fair to the employer who is working with you. At times it is hard to do your job, knowing that mom or dad fell and were hurt. So what is a person to do.
Patrica 61, Senior care now has a private pay model. If the illness is advanced as you say, then of course there is not much one could do and a traditional ALF enviroment may be the best option. However, if money is an issue, then seniorcarenow will give you a headsup on what is happening in the home. The patients can call for help with a GPS cell phone as well as order a personal home call should you not be able to leave work. Look at this option as an affordable one that keeps you informed so that you can make quick decisions. yes, you are still the caregiver but now a caregiver with more tools in your arsenal.
yes tools will work, If the patient can not use the phone it won't help. My own mom has Alzheimers/Dementiia. When she was alone in New York I was approach by all kinds of help. I was also told about the emergency alert system for the eldery. However the phone was becoming a problem for my mom. She would forget about things, leave the gas on, burn food. answer her own phone and forget who she was talking too. Even the Tv was a problem. She would have a black and white screen on the color TV or line going across, do to the fact she hit the wrong button. I was there at that time and saw it all happening.i was once ask to leave by my mom because a women from the state was there.I did not call, it was do to a previous hospital visit she had experience. Sometimes we need to get special help.patrica61
Check out this company, they offer products that can help you when you can't be there since she wants to stay at home. The name of the company is Independence Technologies, they cover every state. They are professional and can help. They offer home monitoring systems, medication dispensers on more. Give them a call.

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