My grandmother is currently in a nursing home and wants to come home. What are my options?

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Are you considering having her in your home? or another living arrangement?
There is very little assitance with Medicare as far as caregiver compensation or in-home help (unless there has been a recent hospital visit)
Also, states, counties, cities have various programs...they are all different. Look up your state's office on aging.
I am not as well versed on Medicaid...perhaps others will chime in.
good luck
Hi thank you for the comment. I am planning on having her in my home. She did just get out of the hosital about a month ago. She has CHF and is Diabetic and is on several medications. She broke her hip about 3 months ago but is up and walking with a walker now. Her mind is very sharp and before she broke her hip she would participate in numerous activities at the nursing home and cook for the other residents. We take her out to eat weekly and she is still very able. I am torn because I think we put her in the nursing home to soon and she is still asking to come home.
ks: it sound like she is in pretty good shape - overall. If she just got out of the hospital a month ago she may still qualify for in-home help. My best resource are the social workers at my hospital...they can direct you through all the mazes.
I am a big fan of the "aging-in-place" movement. If at all possible, I believe a senior does better in their own environment, whether that is your home or their own place. They need mental stimulation and they just cannot get that at overcrowded nursing homes. There is a time and place to consider these facilities, but your grandmother is mentally sharp and sounds like she just needs some rehab. (did the nh send her to a rehab center after her accident? another thing to ask the social worker about)
You will be taking on a big responsibility having her in your home. But, if you think that you are ready for it, it sounds like it will be the best thing for her.
Good luck...let us know how things turned out.
Yes, it sounds like your mom is not in too bad of shape. I have to agree Lilliput in that aging in place seems to be the best solution for most elderly people. They tend to lead a richer life at home.

There are some simple home modifications you can make and it is possible to hire some in-home help (at a very reasonable rate) to handle a few tougher chores a week.

Best of luck with your mom,
You say she has Medicaid. Contact the Area Office on Aging. Some states have a special program where they pay for caregivers 3 hours/day, do light housekeeping, pay for briefs/pads/wipes and any special adaptive equipment they may need, pay for weekday daily Mobile Meals. I was told there is a waiting list, but, my relative, who was in a nursing home, was approved immediately, and returned to her own home 12/28. She is doing beautifully. She lives alone. I'm not sure what the regulations are if she would come live with you.

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