What government programs are avilable to help pay for dad's nursing home care?

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father in new jersey nursing home.. started in free style living.. wandering problems went to asst. living ; again walking out police called.. now in secure w/ankle bracelet.. very good care..single bed room... the best deal except they are draining my savings.. my wife and myself are also on SS and we cannot care for my father.. spoke to the nursing home and they said even if you can get medicad they will not accept it for less than 2 yrs of full family payments.. looking for WHERE to go in the GOVT or State any help thanks in advance....

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I would like to help but your question is not clear.
I understand your father is currently in a nursing home but what I am not clear on is what the nursing home is saying about Medicaid.
Are they saying they will not accept Medicaid unless the family has paid for at least two years?
If they will not accept Medicaid then I'm afraid you are going to have to find another facility that will.
Let me know if you would like to add a clarification.
Good luck and God bless.
AC - he may be just above the Medicaid limit. If you are told that and that he doesn't qualify for Medicaid because of just above limit, you can get a Miller Trust done for him and then he will be all ok. An attorney will probably have to do this for you and they are done all the time for Medicaid qualification.

What Miller does is like this: say dad get's $ 1,500 from SS and then $ 800 from retirement and Dad qualifies for Medicaid for all other medical and financial requirements BUT Dad's monthly income is $ 2,300 a month no matter what. Dad's state has Medicaid income maximum at $ 2,094.00 so Dad is $ 206.00 over to financially qualify at the "income" level for Medicaid. Under a Miller Trust, that $ 206.00 goes to the Miller Trust every month so dad is under the Medicaid amounts. Upon death, the Miller $ goes to the state.

I have friends whose parents get railroad retirement and they pay very, very, very well & more than enough for IL & AL costs of 2 - 4K a month. But not enough to pay for NH now that they need that level of care, so they did Miller Trust to get them qualified for NH. It's pretty routine. Good luck.
yes to the first.. I have another nursing home at twice the price that will accept Medicaid .problem is how do I get help from the Govt??? where do I go for financial help.. that is the bottom line question.. anyone??? thanks
acmetals12 I am in NJ I may be able to guide you.through the maze. It's overwhelming but not as difficult if you know the steps to take and who to contact. What county is your Dad living?
acmetals12 , you need to apply for Medicaid. If you have located a suitable care center that accepts Medicaid, the social worker there will probably get you started on the application process, and they may accept him "Medicaid pending" if it seems likely he'll qualify. Just don't sign anything making you responsible for his bills.
Im sorry what county is that?

Ok your in a different county but same state. Was your Dad a veteran? Do you have POA for him?
no assests but gets 2,100.00 in ss. thanks for the help

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