What is a good, basic phone for my mother?

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My mother is in AL and cannot seem to use the phone very well so we didn't put one in for her. I see her regularly and can contact staff if I'm worried, but my brother would like to be able to call and talk to her.

We've tried several phones in the past, but nothing seems to work. Frankly, I think most of them are too complicated and she's hard of hearing. I would like to find something very basic where the volume doesn't have to be adjusted every time she uses the phone (assuming she will). AND if she wants to dial out, she should just be able to pick up the receiver and hear a dial tone, "dial" the number and have it ring the other party. It seems like most of them now want you to press a "send" button, similar to a cell phone and that's too difficult for her to remember.

I wish I could find a basic push button phone, with no extra gadgets to confuse her!

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There are some good phones out there for your situation! My mom has one that the state of California gives her free use of; it has large buttons, lots of "speed dial" buttons, and good volume control for her. No one else can use it when it's set for her, but it's great.

Walmart sells something called Clarity Ameriphone that seems to get good reviews. I'd get something like that, then set up your mom's favorite people in the speed dial function. That way your mom only has to push one button. The one at walmart has a little card on which you can write the people's names and have names next to the button. I think it is a corded phone, which is fine, I never did find a wireless phone that could do what we wanted.

Good luck.
I got a big button corded phone for my mother-in-law, but it's not fancy enough that she can't call out. I programed the speed dial to call her family, so even with her dementia and macular degeneration she can still figure it out.
Thank you both! I still haven't done anything, mostly because I have to order something online. I've looked at a few options and EVERYTHING has mixed reviews. It's really difficult and it shouldn't be.
I have a great phone that I got from Walgreens but I don't think they make it anymore. It was the Clarity w1000. You can see a picture on line if you search to get an idea and try to find something like it. It is a corded phone and works when the power is off.It was great since it had two rows of programmable numbers which I used to program all with my number so any button my mother happened to push worked. However it did not have a speaker button which I find helps my mother hear better. It does have a volume switch and it is very loud. Maybe if you go to Walgreen site you can find something similar and i think anything you order online can be returned to your local store but ask first.

Florida also has a program for free phones for hard of hearing but they don't work when power is off.

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