How do I get mom to drink more water?

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She has uniriary tract infection, dry eye sockets, increasing mem loss. this has happened b 4. [92 years old] whats a good TRICK 2 get her 2 drink more water and is lipton diet green t ok?

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As far as I know, any fluid is probably OK. It will hydrate her. I have read that as people age they lose much of their sense of taste, but seem to like sweets -so diet drinks may appeal to her. Does she have diabetes or other health issues that need to be considered? My mother is 100 and her stomach is touchy. Her doctor recommends she drink fruit juices. If your mum is diabetic, a sugar free, but sweet drink would be a better choice. like diet green tea. You might offer her a selection of drinks and see what she prefers. Good lick and let us know how it works out.
I think as long as she is not on any blood thinners (my mom is) than she could have green tea, but you might want to check with her doctor first. Also cranberry juice is very good for urinary tract infections. As for the water, I got my mom a really good water bottle and explained to her the importance of drinking enough water. (I carry one around with me, so the visual for her helped) At first we filled a juice jug up with the recommended amount and she would fill her water bottle up from that, because she has short term memory loss,so it helped her to know where she was at with the water that day, now she remembers she just needs to refill it twice. Hope this helps.
try popsicles. make your own with gatorade or vitamin water, ice trays, toothpicks and saran wrap. dont laugh, everyone likes 'treats'. make sure you call it treat, because telling her to drink more because she needs it isnt working, right? if she wants to rebel and not do as you ask, use that. make it like popsicles are 'off limits' and nex thing you know, you will find her sneaking into the freezer to eat them .behind your back...
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Popsicles are often appealing, homemade or purchased. (My husband loves the Dole Pineapple ones.) Nearly any beverage will work -- V8, milk, fruit juice, lemonade, etc. Hubby drinks ginger ale day in and day out (he needs the extra calories).

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