Is anybody a power of attorney and a caregiver at the same time?

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My mother had a bad fall this Aug. 12, 2012. She broke her vertebrae her back, had a heart attack and we lost her for 20 mins. She has COPD, is on oxygen, and her legs are very wobbly. At first the doctors said she wasn't going to make it. But guess what? She has a couple more steps to then she gets to come home. Her nurse wants to know who was going to take care of her she wants her daughter to. Then the nurse said that there are programs to be able pay her. I've been taking care of mom since my dad died 3 years ago. So does any body get paid? This is going to be a 24 hr job .

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Check with her long term care insurance company, if she has one. Then check with Medicare or whatever other policies she has. My FIL has long term care insurance that will provide training for my husband and I for his care (when needed) and we will get a small paycheck to help offset one of us leaving our full time job.
Even if you get paid, and while this will be a full time job, PLEASE educate yourself on adult day facilities, in home respite care and things like that before you need them and before you are on verge of burn out. Imagine having a Dr appointment for yourself and having to take your mom because you didn't plan for a sitter. Don't lose yourself in this. Also, the more you involve professional help, the less opportunity "others" will have to accuse you of not doing all you could. I know that sounds rough, but it usually happens to the child who is the caregiver. Good Luck with this!
thank you .

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