How do you get stains out of sheets when your dad is bedridden?

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I could not get the accidental feces stains out of the white turn sheets used on Dad's bed. He has been bed ridden for over 3 years. He cannot turn over sit or stand up. I have a lift to move him to his motorized chair and have to prop him in it. Anyway to prevent bed sores and because he can't lay on his side much. I use a white turn sheet and stitched together diapers under his bottom- he can't wear PJ's cause he has a folie catheter - he is getting so he doesn't know when he has to go. And we have accidents. I could not get the stains out of the sheets or the diapers- used everything-bleach, spray and wash stuff, poured the washing liquid right on the stains also soaking the items nothing worked and have had to throw away some of the diapers cause they looked so bad. But I used some of the Lysol with Mildew remover bathroom spray cleaner and it got every one of them out. You must do a extra rinse on the items though! Hurrah!!!! Now all the things are white again.

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Good for you!! I wonder what the active ingredient in Lysol mildew remover is - it sure smells like bleach to me.

As you try to remove stains - let's warn others to be cautious of mixing ANYTHING with bleach or ammonia. The two should NEVER be mixed even in a washer. I've also used vinegar or hydrogen peroxide on some stains and am careful never to mix anything with either of those.
I don't mix stuff- I had tried everything but ammonia- I don't have any in the house. I used reg bleach and sprayed some on the stains by itself but it did not remove them- as a last ditch effort I tried the mildew remover and it worked great. Don't know what the active ingredent is but it works- Also be sure to double rinse to remove residue. We al have allergic reactions so downey and tide but I double rinse everything and no reactions.. Also found out that the adult diapers cause a lot of skin problems with him he gets big blisters where the plastic has lain against his skin so I can't use adult diapers- I buy the cottom diapers in the store and use them to lay under his bottom they work real well makes for more cleaning but so far no sores or blisters. He is also allergic to the strings off of bananas if he gets one on his skin it will leave a blister the same shape as the string. Found out banana skins and peels have same properties as latex ANyway have to be real careful on what touches his skin. I swear by the memory foam mattress toppers and the cloth diapers...
ooo - latex allergies or sensitivity can be bad... substances like it are in bandages and some bandaides too. I swear I hear of more and more adults developing allergies. Doctors look at me like I'm nuts but just about everyone I know over 40 seems to have allergic reactions to something!
Get water proof matress pads for the bed. Also using chucks is helpful.
I would like to know about the reusable diapers mentioned in this post. Where are these available? Can these be stitched at home?
I haven't had a problem with the draw sheet but when I clean my mom with wash cloths I have to soak them in hot water on the small load level with two cup fulls (soap cups that look like about 3/4 cups) of bleach added. I allow the soak cycle to agitate and let it sit for a few hours. When I return they are white. It's the only thing that works for me. Maybe you just haven't used enough bleach. I hope this helps.
I just went to the discussion area and found the topic "Tips for Removing Tricky Stains From Fabrics". It had some really interesting suggestions.

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