How can I get a parent with diabetes to exercise more?

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How can I get my mother, who has Diabetes, to exercise more?

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My mother was just talking about exercise tapes for older folks. Would she be willing to try that? Or could you take her out for a walk or just try to encourage her somehow? Even an exercise bike would be an idea but of course she has to be open to it!
Sweating to the Oldies with Richard Simmons shows people in wheelchairs and who are elderly. They love the music which reminds them of their youth!

Perhaps you can find out what she likes, in terms of music, what kind and get her to just waltz with you or just dance at home. Taking her for walks is a good idea too.

You might also explain to her how exercise can help and get her some reading material.

Just keep talking to her about the goodness of exercise and I am sure she will come around, at some point in time.

The idea is - you never give up on her, no matter how much she disagrees with you, some day she is going to thank you.

God bless
This is an easy one.. find out what she likes to do, walk, swim, something "non-impact" and find the time to do it with her.. It will create some time together as well as gets you both moving..I swim with my 70yr old mom twice a week. She has a few minor health issues however overall is in good health. The swimming keeps her flexible and she is safe knowing I am with her.

Good luck!
These are some great ideas! Thank you so much. I'm not the greatest at dancing, so maybe we could take a dancing class together.

Linnie, I never really thought about exercise videos before either, but now that you mention it I'm sure there are a ton out there for seniors.

Thanks for all of your suggestions, they were very helpful!!!!
Have her talk to a doctor so that she can learn the benefits of exercise.

Also, walking, dancing, swimming are GREAT methods of exercise which also don't feel like exercise!

Hope this helps!

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