How can I get my brother to share what he is doing with my mom's bank account?

He has control and will not tell me anything. What can I do?

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He has the money give him Mom, it's not cheap to take care of the elder. there needs are like a new baby on medication,there needs are just like a baby.
babyfood/special food.
it takes money to give half way good care. he would have to tell me something, not only tell me something but give up some money to help take care of her since it's her money. if he's anything like my off springs he don't help out in any other way. i have control (POA) over her but they sure can beg, she use to tell them just tell her i said give you and i would, now i just say NO she don't not have it. then i show them how much her meds cost and ask when she runs out of money are you going to be able to help out. yes everything i buy for her i keep the receipts yes i have a big box keeping since 2005

What's a girl too do?
BGB, I know it takes money to take care of these things, but my mom lived with me for 5 years which I never took a cent from her for her care. When she became to much for me and my wife to attend to my brother indicated he was not able to help so we put her into a very nice assisted living home that only has 16 people with dimentia problems. When she was put into the assisted living facility 9 months ago, I learned that there was only $18,000 in my mom's bank account. She was getting $1400 a month in Social Security and her pension. We sold her home to be able to afford the monthly payment for her care and he continually misses payments. Last month he paid for the past two months. I am concern that he is unable to take care of her finances and just learned that he just completed a new kitchen and bathroom in his house. When we place mom into an assited living facility he told me he had no funds to help so I had to take out a loan to make the $4,000 a month payment until the house was sold. He still has not reimbursed me for those payments and I have asked many times. Should I contact a lawyer or the County to investigate. If I do so I will probably lose my brother.
I would contact somebody that sounds like theft to me. Frist he would have to prove what he did with the money. Here's my new kitchen and bath that my mother don't use. that just don't add up if your mother live with you for 5years and you never took a penney she should have about 84,thousand in the back. theres that new kitchen and bath. if he really your brother and cares about you he will step up say he sorry. (you know that all gona happen) and he'll still be your brother. and if you lose him as a brother and thinking you want to grow old with him. if he would do that to his mother, you bet not think about what he'll do for you. i know just like you know and he knows he spending that money.

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