I am employed as a live in caregiver, my client is a female. How can I get her to take her medication 3 times a day?

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My client has a habit of wrapping her meds in a napkin and putting them in her robe pocket or in the trash.

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Tell her "it's time to take your morning meds and I'm going to help you."
Put them in a cup or in a spoon, feed them to her, give her a drink of water or juice, tell her "Swallow your pills". Then check to make sure she swallowed them. If she has her wits about her, it will annoy her. Do it 3x a day and Expect her to comply. Be consistent, don't back down. Then give her a cookie:)
I offered Moms meds as a prelude to meals or snacks. Tell her she must take her meds before she eats - and make sure she swallows them.
I think I would be curious about why she does this. Does she have a hard time swallowing them? It might to crush them into applesauce or dissolve them in hot tea or see if they come as a liquid. Is she paranoid? Does she think someone is trying to poison her? Maybe you could keep them in a locked case and give her the key, so she knows no one can get at them and tamper with them. Does she hate the side effects? See if there is some way they can be offset.

There may not be a reason that you can discover. But I think I'd start there, because if you knew the reason she doesn't want to take them that might give you some ideas for how to approach it.
My mom did the same thing. so I went the disguise route. Applesauce, yogurt, chocolate cream pie....anything that was her favorite yummy. Worked right up until the day she passed. IE..pre breakfast (oatmeal) a spoonful of applesauce with her pill tucked in then quickly offered her her cereal.
The hiding method usually works good. My mother all her life has never been able to swallow pills, she would always chew them. So hiding them in food worked for her. However the bigger pills I would usually half or crush them to lessen the chances of her choking.

The only time it didn't work good was years ago when I did home health. One patient who was in her right mind(sort of) would complain that her pudding, applesauce, etc.. tasted funny and would throw a small fit. So the family suggested that we crushed all her pills and sprinkle them over all her food. So the bitter pill taste wasn't so noticeable. The only downfall was if patient wouldn't eat all of her meal she didn't get all of her meds.

Another suggestion is getting meds from a Compound pharmacy(I think thats what it called) They can turn meds into other forms like lollipops, popsicles or liquid. I always wanted to try this but moms insurance company wouldn't pay the extra cost for service.
PLEASE do not force anyone to ever take medicine..!! Please ask the loved one why they do not want to take the medicine if they are scared, maybe they had a reaction to medicine when they were little and they think ALL medicine will make them sick. Learn to pick the battles you want to with your loved one, medicine should not be one, just crush and place in food and give to them, never mention and they will never be the wiser. As a trainer ALZ trainer it is best to just not fight with them, give the Best Quality of Life, do not fight with them, do not scare them, and do not pick battles with them. Slide next to them and be their partner to help them through the journey.

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