After my mom passed, there was a carton of unopened saline water bottles and unused waterproof pads. How can I get rid of them?

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I would rather give them away than throw them away but hospital facilities say that can't take them. What should I do? Thank for your help.

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I would donate them to a mission or to Goodwill. These things are always needed by someone.
Ask at an assisted living place if they have a resident who would take them.
Or even a Hospice.
I called our Visiting Nurses Association to find out if they would take any donated items after my Mom passed away in October. As long as they were in unopened packages, the VNA could donate the Depends and other medical supplies to their patients in need.
You could join your local's a Yahoo group and they offer things for free to help our environment and keep things out of the landfills. I have gotten Depends for my mom through this group. I have also bought them at Thrift stores and flea Markets/swap meets, so you could get rid of them that way. I've been able to get my moms things really cheap that way.

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