How do I get a power of attorney if my grandmother is unable to go out to a notary?

my grandmother is in assisted living and her health is declining . so now she must go to skilled nursing. the are requesting all kinds of different information requiring some one to be power of attorney . how do i get power of attorney if she is unable to go out to a notary

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You can have the notory come to your home. Believe me it can be done, I did it, and so did my sister.
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Pamela is correct. If you have access to the Yellow Pages (do those even exist anymore? My dad had them..) Anyway either the phone book or the internet and look up Notary Public and there are advertisements for ones that come to the house. I would choose wisely however because you are inviting unknowns into a situation that could be exploited. Maybe call your bank and see if they have recommendations and also any Senior Centers in your area or nursing homes should have good recommendations too. When I first started out with caregiving, I had an advocate that our county provides free and she was a wealth of information. Good luck!

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