How do I get my parents to agree to go to a retirement home?

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Sometimes a third party does better than the family. If a good friend lives in one or knows people who like it, they may listen. If you push too hard, it can backfire.
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I would agree that sometimes it is better to let an expert/third party discuss this idea with your parents since they have faced this situation many times in their career. I would also recommend honest conversations with your parents about their future and how much you are concerned for them. For many seniors, the idea of moving to a retirement home is associated with moving to a nursing home and being "put" somewhere. This is the furthest from the truth, so educating them about what options are available is very important. I would scout out a few places first then invite your parents to join you for a casual introduction. Maybe they can enjoy lunch or participate in an activity. Introducing them to some of the other residents will help to make them feel more comfortable. Allow them to stay in charge and share with them that by not doing something; they are going to allow others to make decisions for them. They are also placing a huge burden on you and your siblings, which is probably something they don't want to do.

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