It's a war everytime I try to get mom to wear pull-ups. What are some ways to get her to comply?

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What suggestions do you have for me to get my 88 yr old mother to wear pull-ups? It is war every time Are there softer/not scratchy ones ?

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Just a quick hint that I use & it may help you....I put a pair of cotton underpants beneath the adult diaper, using powder first. It really seems to do the trick. Good luck.
If she is thinner, the huggies XL girls pullups are very soft and comfie and work great! I had my mom use those after a surgery for awhile. I don't know why these adult companies can't make the pants like Huggies does.
If she needs help with toileting you slip them on while she's on the toilet. this makes it easier for both of you and seems to work on most of my elderly clients that are resistant to wearing depends.
How about putting on a pair yourself and showing her?

Say the washer is broken and you got these for an unbelievable price.

Having tried them all, I know use the Abena Abri-Flex (Mom wears a L-3 - large). They cost a wee bit more and I order on Amazon, but they are the most like the cotton panties she always wore, are very soft, and they are the BEST at keeping her and everything else dry.
I read someone on here tells her mom they are "Magic Panties" or something like that. I thought that was cute and maybe a little appealing.
Do not call them pull ups, diapers or any other inference to something a baby would wear.

Take them out of the package and stick them in her underwear drawer. Treat it as if it's regular underwear. Putting her panties on under them like someone else said is a wonderful idea. I've known people who put their regular panties on over them. Maybe start off with having her wear them when you guys go out, you're not sure how long you'll be out or what bathroom facilities will be readily available in case she has to go. Then hopefully she'll wear them regularly as she grows accustomed to them.

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