Help! My mom is very fearful and paranoid most of the time. Most times you can't get her out of bed. What can I do?

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Have you taken her to the doctor? A geriatric specialist, who can determine if she has dementia or Alzheimer's, or a UTI (urinary tract infection), which causes bizarre behavior in the elderly.
I can't imagine spending the whole day trying to get her out of bed. How old is she? Does she get up to use the bathroom? Are you with her all day long, or just checking on her after you get home from work?
After you have taken care of the things mentioned above, then see if you have a different question. Good Luck.
Thanks. She is a 81 years young with dementia living in a memory care apartments. We have tried many drug options, nothing really works well with her or she has bad side affects. Yes she does get up but will lie back down.
Do you ask her questions about her childhood? Show her photographs from HER early years. Sometimes that can "jar" other memories. They might be confused memories, but that's OK. Doesn't matter. Suggest happy, positive things like, "Let's take a walk in the garden", maybe have a puppy brought in to slobber all over her face. Tactile things are good--make a "feely " book, like you have for babies to teach them different textures. Read to her, do some exercises.
I am not sure if any of these will work with YOUR Mom, and maybe you have tried everything already. Of course, over-stimulation is not good, either.
I wish you well, and please let us know of any results you get.
We are here for you, pj:)
Love and Hugs, Christina

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