A lady that I use to take care at her home has moved in with me and my family instead of going to a nursing home. Can I get paid to take care for her?

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You can go to your state Web site and see what is offered. If the woman is on Medicaid, you may get paid for some hours. Much of this is local. Try your state site, type "aging" in the search box and see where the links take you. Good luck,
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There are so many things you need to consider: Does she have family? If so, are they involved with her care at all? How much time and resources are you willing to offer her? As time goes on, it gets very expensive caring for an elder. Do you have her Power of Attorney for both financial and medical decisions? Have you made a financial agreement with her? EVERYTHING needs to be done "above board" and legally, or you may find your good intentions will not be enough.
Do not make any promises until you have a frank discussion with her about both your and her expectations, put things in writing, when necessary, and get some legal advice.
So nice of you to take her in...unfortunately, the world of senior care has become a cynical place. Good luck.
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