I need help with paying bills. I can't work because I’m taking care of dad with colon and lung cancer! Can I get paid to not work and stay with my dad?

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Go to this website swcaa.org the agency on aging for ct. They should be able to guide you to services for your dad that he may be eligible for at little or no cost which could ultimately help you cope better in his day to day care. Even if you can get a respite from his care for a day or two a month it could do wonders for you. Also since he has a diagnosis of Cancer the American Cancer Society may help with the cost of some of his medications related to that diagnosis in turn freeing up finances for you to hire someone periodically to care for him or sit with him for an after noon so you can just go be "yourself". My heart goes out to you. I have been in your shoes. My mother in law passed two years ago but I did what you are doing for two years with little help until I ended up with a horrible infection that I contracted from her and in the hospital. It was only then that I realized how important taking care of myself. So TAKE CARE OF YOU TOO- ask for help and seek help! Best to you...
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