Can I get outside help with my MIL's care for free if she has Medicare, not Medicaid while I'm recuperating from a total knee replacement?

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My MIL lives with me & I'm her caregiver. August 10th I'm having a total knee replacement & am wondering if there is any way for us to get outside help for free or little cost while I'm recuperating? She has private & medicare insurance. Thank you! Also, she has moderate dementia & is still capable of dressing herself & going to the bathroom. The help would be needed for her eating breakfast & lunch. My husband & or son will be making the dinners when they get home from work.

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Medicare doesn't generally pay for the kind of care your mother-in-law needs, however some states have waivers so you may want to check your state website. Also, check with your local Area Agency on Aging and see if they have advice, or look on your state website under the National Family Caregiver Support Program. Good luck,
Zoey, I was lucky enough that my mom qualified in NJ for free care every so often. It has to do with income and the fact that I was her caregiver. I would absolutely check the dept of aging to see if your state provides some sort of respite for you. If so, she can be checked into a nursing home while you recoup. HOpe this helps and good luck
thank you Carol & Bhenson. Love, Sherri

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