How do I get more energy?

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I'm feeling tired the same way I did when I was a new mom. It's a deep, to-the-core, exhausted tired. When my Mom naps, I want to nap, too. I can't because I'm still taking care of a house, kids, and husband and working full-time. I even have help during the week with Mom while I work, but I'm still tired! What do I need to change to get some energy back?

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I don't see how you can do all this care-giving PLUS work full-time. No one can. Ask your husband for help. Tell him you can't do it, and see what his input is. In the past, my father worked two jobs so my mom could stay home with us kids, and so did my husband. I know my husband would much rather be out working his butt to the bone, rather then dealing with his mother like I do. And she lives in ASSISTED LIVING!
Oh boy! I'm sorry you have problems with MIL. My husband is a doll! He already works seven days a week but we are very much a partnership with caregiving (except when it comes to the bathroom stuff), and my teenage daughters help also. They love their grandma and love having her around, and they already make many sacrifices many kids their age don't have to. They help her get dressed, get meals ready, run errands for her, take her to church, watch TV with her, and clean up after her when she has an accident. We're all tired together! I think we need more vitamins!
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It sounds to me that your body is telling you something-"I am pooped out!". I agree with the other posters that say you have too much on your plate and need help. I know, easier said than done. I would try to delegate some of your chores. You can only do so much. And try to get some sunshine- even if it is cold. 15 minutes a day. It will help your mood- if it needs help- and your energy. Good luck!
4Frantz1997 - Have you mentioned this to your Dr? At my husband's physical he mentioned in passing that he is just exhausted....all the time and this is a man who got up before dawn everyday and hit the floor running until late at night. Turns out that the stress with his parents had finally accumulated to the breaking point, but he wasn't feeling any emotional "I can't handle this anymore" so he didn't think it was stress related.
Not only that, his bloodwork revealed that he has a very physical reason for his exhaustion that will be able to be treated.
Please don't think exhaustion is "normal" in any situation and let your Dr know what's going on.
Please take care of yourself.......we couldn't stand it here if you were too tired to "talk" to us! Much Love

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