Where can I find house cleaning help for my 85-year-old aunt?

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Start with calling your office of the aging if her income is below a set amount she may qualify for low cost help or you might get in touch with an accountant who could help you figure out how this can be done
If she does not qualify try a "gift" of a house cleaning, marry maids or other such company that is bonded and safe. People find it hard to "turn down a gift". Then it can be like a monthly gift, like fruit of the month...lol Good luck.
I just tried contacting several businesses that specialize in house cleaning for my Mom. In our town they charge anywhere from $85 to $100 per hour with a 2 hour minimum! When I told them that this was an apartment and that needed light housekeeping they said they charged the same. So I contacted the agency we use for her paid caregiver and found out that they do light housekeeping for a fraction of the cost. Then, if your aunt needs other things done, like personal care, you don't have to find another person to do that.

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