How can I find help with getting my husband out of the bed?

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My husband was almost falling out of bed. His legs were weak, he had great difficulty just sitting up. He has heart issues and he sleeps alot during the day. He has incontinence issues.

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Depression is likely an issue, but he also may be weak from heart issues or other physical problems. A doctor needs to be in on the problems. For practical purposes, in-home health caregivers can help - you don't want him falling and you don't want to get hurt transferring him if he really can't stand. Talk to his doctor about what he considers the best that your husband can do. He may or may not need outside care, but you may need the help caring for his needs.

I'm sure he's depressed, but he also doesn't have any real incentive to get up and move about. I'd encourage him to get things himself -- clean underwear, food, etc..

This might sound like a Scared Straight tactic, but ask him if he'd like to go to a nursing home where he can spend the rest of his life in bed. If he answer is an emphatic "No!," then help him sit up and get on his feet for about 5-10 minutes.

He might have had a stroke, but his life isn't over by a longshot. You don't need to get outside help when all it takes is a little persuasion. Make him an offer he can't refuse, but check with his doctor to be on the safe side.

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If he has trouble getting his legs under him you could speak to the doctor about getting a physical therapist to come in and show him better ways to get up, and show you ways to assist. Also consider a waist belt for helping to grab him and help him up.

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