jweinmann1 Asked August 2010

How do I get my mom's doctor to give me a prognosis, I need to know what to expect?

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pamela6148 Aug 2010
My mom has had the same Doctor for about 20 years. Now she has Dem/Alz. My sister took her to her apt last week, and then was disgusted because she said he just seem blazee' about it. She was bothered by his cavalier attitude. I told her that he is a family doctor, and not a specialist therefore HE HAD NO ANSWERS!.

I got on line, and looked up Neurologist who specialized in Dem/ALZ, called her doctor got a referral, and got my mom a neuro who can help now. I know there is no cure, but if theres something that can atlease calm her down, and give my sister some nighttime relief it's worth it, plus it was just time. She has moved to another level now and it was just time.

I don't know if this helps you any, but I just thought I'd put it out there. If you make enough noise, they will listen.
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jweinmann1 Aug 2010
Thanks. I'd prefer a "most likely case" scenario. Called the dr. today; receptionist said he does all his calls end of day. If I miss his call, I then have to keep calling him back. So frustrating.
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NancyH Aug 2010
I have asked my mother-in-laws doctor, 'give me a worst case scenario', and 'a best case scenario', He's willing to hypothesize with me, therefore giving himself a way out at the same time. I too like it in 'black & white' but sometimes that's as close as I can get.
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