How do I get my mom who lives with me interested in doing things?

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How do I get my Mom who has just recently (one week ago) move in with me and my husband? We both work full time and I only have the weekend to get house chores done. Today she has just sat there or was outside every 10 minutes to smoke. I've purchased magazines and word search books for her but she has no interest in anything. I'm hoping once she adjust it will get better. We should have you living room set up tonight so she has her own tv to watch. Our's is much to complicated for her to work. I'm really trying to stay positive and I know there is a long road ahead. I'm just trying to make her feel welcome here.

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You can't make your mother do what she does not want to do! My mother has lived with me for over two years and I have tried to get her involved in activities outside the home, but she is not willing to participate. She watches TV or goes to bed. Complains of "being bored', but won't do anything. I have given up. I hope you have more luck with your mother.

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