Even though my mother can take care of herself, she refuses to see the doctor. How can I get her to at least talk to the doctor?


My mother who can take care of herself one thing she refuses to see Dr. I and many others have tried for over 20plus years what can be done?

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I have taken her to appointments with me, she does not have a doctor the last doctor saw her was a chiro practor, she has never been to the doctor for as long as I can remember, anyone she has seen is gone one way or another.
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Have her doctor call her directly! Call the doctors office and explain your concerns for your mother's health, make a tentative appointment and see if they will call her and ask her to come (today)or tomorrow.

My mother would 'listen to the authority' figure faster than anyone else!

List your concerns about her health, any any issues you things she has beforehand.

Why not make an appointment and then have her accompany YOU to YOUR doctor's appointment. The appointment will really be for HER,but it may just get her in the door. Tell her NOTHING about her going to the doctors. (sounds deceitful, but it sounds like she needs to be seen by a doctor)
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