My grandfather is suffering from brain cancer and won’t eat anything, how can I get him to eat?

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i know its a typical question but he has brain cancer and we just cant seem to get him to eat anything. he does have some mood swings but i just dont know what to do. he does drink some chocolate flavored vitamin drink but he only drinks it out of the glass ,, not out of a straw and we dont want him to spill . but thats about it .

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Is there anything that was/is his favorite food? Whatever that is, give it to him. If it's ice cream, then give him ice cream till it comes out his ears. Whatever tickles his fancy.
nothing ,, we have tried everything that he likes and now he refuses to take his medications . we are planning to call the hospital to put an iv in him if he desnt take his pills and wont eat but we didnt want it to come to that so we plan to keep trying today and if not thain thats the way its ogtta be . but i if anyone can give us some ideas that we could try that would be great . thanks so much in advanc for all comments .

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