What can we do if the only way we can get my father to the doctor is by ambulance?

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Try going to your state Web site. Type "aging" in the search and follow the local links for information. You will find the National Caregiver Support Program on the site (could have a different name). These people may be able to help.

Your could also try 2-1-1, though it's not available everywhere. This is a telephone way to tap into services offered in your area. There must be some way to get him there or to pay for an ambulance ride, but it will take digging. You could try Social Services for advice, as well.
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In some towns there are vol. who will take people to MD visits. Some towns have paratransit but you usually have to live near a buss line to use this service we were about 1/4 of a mile too far away from a buss line unfortuntaly the people running these services are not elder friendly even though the buss goes by my house often,

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