My mother has lost her sight in one eye, how do I get her medical help and transportation to and from her doctor’s appointments?

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I need to know about medical help and transportation to and from doctor appointments. She gets lonely and I think this environment will be great for her and she will still have independence. I have no idea what to expect on cost and we are looking in a couple of other facilities here and in another state. We will use her money from sale of house and savings and other assets.

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Many assisted living centers can make arrangements for transportation. Some charge, some don't. Rarely do they send attendants. You can hire in-home care agencies to come in to help with some things your mother can't do. It does sound like she'll be in good hands if you find a good facility, and there are many that are excellent. Good luck,
Is mom cognitively able to learn techniques for coping with low vision, or was she getting dependent and needing help due to frailty or cognitive decline before the vision loss? You could consider a Lion's World or similar blind rehab program as well if she could benefit from it. Most people who are blind or low vision and nothing else wrong with them are independent and learn to use ordinary public transportation in lieu of driving.

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