How do I get my mom in the shower?

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Are you asking about getting her into a shower that has a bathtub? Mom has the same issue. I bought a bathroom platform that sits on the floor by the tub and is non-skid. It raises the floor 4". Then I bought a suction handle that she can hold onto and put in on the edge of the tub. She lifts one leg over the side, grabs the handle bar on the tub, the does the same with the other leg. Of course, there is someone with her always; guiding her in. I have an adjustable height shower chair inside the tub. If your Mom is more mobile than mine, you could just buy one of those wide shower chairs that sits both in the tub and on the floor. She sits down first then swings her legs into the tub. I bought all these items on amazon.
Is she refusing to shower? My mother hates showers-cold water on her when in fact it is warm-of course! I tell her, she has an MD appnt & she now agrees to shower! Also make it as quick as possible w/out trying to rush her. Think of her as a baby/newborn & does not like the water- I put a towel on the shower chair so she is not sitting on a cold wet surface. Good Luck!
Not sure if it's a question of how to physically move into the shower, or how to convince of a shower but I'll toss my 2 cents worth in! I warm the towels in the dryer and wrap my little Southern Belle in two full size hot towels and a hot hand towel for her head. Then I massage her shoulders through the hot towel. Maybe Mom will come to anticipate a wonderful time if you completely pamper and spoil her! :-)
My relative is afraid to even use a shower chair to get into the shower, so her caregivers give her sponge baths in the bedroom. This is acceptable to their supervisors, to their nurse who visits her, and to her social worker.
Thank you all for the helpful suggestions. I do have a shower chair and use a handheld sprayer. She's able to step over the side of the tub with assistance. Ruth1957, you are an angel to heat those towels up. I used to do that too (towels & her pajamas) but I'm the solo caregiver right now and can't leave her to run down to the basement dryer to get the stuff. My biggest issue is whenever it's shower time, she comes up with excuse after excuse and refuses to do it. My stomach hurts, I feel dizzy, I'm too weak, ask me later, etc, etc, etc. We battle every single time the word "shower" comes up. I try to bathe her at least once a week, but sometimes, it's more like 10-14 days. I feel awful about that, but don't know how to take control and get her in there. I've started stripping the bed and laying out fresh clothes, that's helped a little. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I guess sponge baths in the bedroom will be next.

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