ow do I get my 78-year-old alcoholic mother help before she is evicted from her apartment because she is a danger to others?

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First is she suffering from Alcohol dementia? My 77 year old mom is so I understand. A doctor needs to evaluate her and determine compitantcy. If she is declared compitant then other than making suggestions you can't DO anything. But if not then get gaurdianship. It's gonna be VERY hard either way. My mom was declaired compitant, so she is allowed to make her own mistakes and I can do nothing but watch. So a relative stepped in took her confadance, lied to her turned her against all of us that were taking care of her, and is now ruining her life. But she is SOBER for the first time in over 50 years. But I'll never know her this way, and she is really not my mother any more from the dementia. Ijust get to wath my Dad's 50+ years of hard work go down the drain and my childhood home be ignored, sold and the money spent on a cousin who deserves nothing. Ain't life grand?
exactly, she was found competant...how does that happen i dont know..something is wrong with the big pic..at least your mom is sober what ever it took to get her there...I guess we just have to let it go..but its so hard..i don't know what is going to happen next
I was told by both the cops and her attornie, that she is allowed to make her own mistakes and I can not do anything as she as her own person. Idon't know how a person can call her competant but the doctors DO NOT want to be liable so they do not act reasonably, and we pay the price. Yes letting go is extreemly hard, I almost suffered a stroke from all the stress. And no you'll never know what is next, so decide now....jump in take control and suffer the conciquencess or let go and suffer the conciquencess......Good luck either way. Let me know what happens if you'd like.
heard from my brother in georgia where she came from..she may be moving back with him..bitter sweet i quess but i know it is best for my health..someone elses turn....hopefully all turns out well

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