Is there a way to get a loved one into a nursing home and have it covered under medicare without doing the 72 hour stay in a hospital first?

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My mom lives with us and she was diagnosed with Parkinsons and Dementia about 6 years ago. About a year ago, the doctor she has now said he did not think it was Parkinsons, but, Lewy Body Disease. We moved from Mass. to Tn. almost 3 years ago.

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You can check with your state long-term care ombudsman. I rather doubt that you can, but either go to your state website and type "aging" in the search box and look for your ombudsman, or go to and type in your Zip code. They are very helpful and should point you in the right direction.
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Thank you so much Carol. I will do that and keep you posted.
When my mom past away, that is what I had to do with my dad-be in a hospital-he was in a psyche hospital because of his alzhemiers

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