As a new caregiver, what could a geriatric care manager do to make your caregiving role easier?

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I've been caregiving 8 years, but that first year was an absolute nightmare of paperwork and research and finding resources and applying for them. It was a constant battle with insurance companies and finding new medical providers. Shortcuts through some of this would have been very welcome!

I didn't discover support groups until after that first year. Just being directed to local and online support groups would have been a big help.
Are you a caregiver? Or researching or seeking customers for your business? I believe there are ways to become an "expert" on this site and separate areas for advertising. thanks.
The answer to both your questions is yes. I am a caregiver however I am not seeming customers for my business. I am ot advertising. I was simply asking because I get comments all the time saying "I wish I new you years ago." I am here to offer advice and meet others but not to get business. But THANKS for asking.
My Mom is in late stages with Dad ( both in their 80's) in the home with caregivers in at rise/bedtime and a few hours in between. The stress of setting up and changing schedules of the help became too much for him. I searched high and low for a geriatric care manager but we live in a rural area so came up empty. We were trying to hire someone and utilize moms long term care insurance. I ended up contacting a local nurse who had come into the home once and done an insurance assessment for moms health. Googled her and called her ( she thought I was crazy I am sure). BUT-- an answer to prayer! She is handling both my mom and dads health. Oversees all care schedules- checks personally on Mom at least once weekly. Now dad has been diagnosed with bladder cancer so her placement is even so much more important. I am local for them so she & I work together and within this horrid storm I find peace in knowing that she is there. Paid cash but worth EVERY penny! You may have to think outside the box but there is help out there somewhere! God Bless!

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